Puzzle Difficulty
#!/usr/bin/env multichoice bash unix linux *nix 798
&? *nix shell multichoice 427
-XX:+UseCompressedOops language=java jvm memory multichoice 878
-XX:StringTableSize language=java jvm optimization performance multichoice 781
2>&1 unix multichoice shell multichoice 803
== vs === in JavaScript language=javascript operators multichoice 475
A Record networking multichoice 785
API definition software multichoice 385
ATS ios security acronym multichoice 772
Anonymous Inner Class language=java classes multichoice 743
Anonymous Inner Class language=java classes multichoice yes/no 734
Anonymous Inner Class language=java classes true/false multichoice 792
Are 2 String Permutations of one another? strings qa 800
Array Rotate Left arrays data-structure language=java coding 1,142
ArrayList vs Vector comparison multichoice language=java 1,166
Aspect Oriented Programming definition multichoice 345
B ⊆ C math sets 432
Baud Rate definition multichoice 245
Bobbie Tosses a Coin Twice... math probability discrete-mathematics conditional-probability 1,200
Byte definition multichoice 462
CAS concurrency multichoice definition acronym 798
CNAME networking 800
CSRF definition security multichoice 1,145
Canonicalize a Unix Path unix coding 985
Capitalize First Letter language=python coding python 631
Capitalize First Letter strings coding language=java 1,276
Check Positive Integral regular-expressions language=java coding 1,165
Check Software Version Numbers coding strings 915
Class Variable language=java multichoice 414
Code Snippet language=java operators multichoice 789
Compress String coding language=java string algorithm 775
Congruent Modulo math discrete-mathematics 1,356
Convert a Binary Number to an Integral algorithm binary coding 1,072
Count Nodes in Linked List data-structure lists coding language=java 819
Creat a List in Python language=python multichoice 793
Create an Instance with Reflection reflection language=java multichoice 798
Currying currying multichoice 300
DAG data-structure graphs acronym multichoice 400
DRY Principle definition design-principle multichoice 413
Default Access Modifier language=java multichoice 594
Delimit List by Comma language=python coding lists 803
Duplicate Element in Set language=java 800
Euclid's Algorithm language=python coding math discrete-mathematics gcd 800
Euler's Totient Function: 𝜙(41) math multichoice discrete-math cryptography 1,322
FIFO acronym multichoice data-structure 798
Factorial code recusion math language=java 775
Fermat's Little Theorem math multichoice discrete-math 1,302
Fermat's Little Theorem: 4^532 mod 11 math multichoice discrete-math 798
Fibonacci 1 recursion coding algorithm 1,238
Find Gold - String search Strings language=java 602
Find the Bug bug language=java multichoice 754
Find the Latest Version Number coding strings 1,011
Find the coding error debugging 814
Find the first Non-duplicated character in a string language=java string 897
Four Nines systems high-availability multichoice 865
HTTP definition multichoice 265
HTTP Status Code 200 http status-code multichoice 798
HTTP Status Code 403 http multichoice status-code 783
HTTP Status Code 500 http status-code multichoice 842
Hamiltonian Cycle graphs math 800
HashMap hashmap data-structure language=java multichoice 672
Hashmap language=java data-structure multichoice 857
How Do You Make an Object Immutable in Java? design language=java immutable multichoice 1,214
Identify the First Nonrepeating Character in a String coding strings 1,234
Immutable Class core-principles design object-oriented multichoice 760
Implement wc language=java unix strings algorithms coding 804
Inserting Into a Binary Heap data-structure heap multichoice 796
Instance Variable language=java multichoice 796
Integer to Binary String language=java coding 741
Interview: 5 Years interview 0
Interview: Big O interview big-o 0
Interview: Development Environment interview 0
Interview: Failure interview 0
Interview: Go-to Tools interview 0
Interview: Ideal Project interview 0
Interview: Inheritance interview object-oriented 0
Interview: Java Exceptions interview java exception-handling 0
Interview: Java Weaknesses interview java 0
Interview: Learning Style interview 0
Interview: Programming Interest interview 0
Interview: Security interview 0
Interview: Self Improvement interview 0
Interview: Technical Hurdle interview 0
Interview: Technology Championing interview 0
Interview: Technology Interests interview 0
Interview: Weaknesses interview 0
Interview: Websites interview 0
Invert Boolean language=java operators java boolean multichoice 785
Invoking Thread.start() Multiple Times concurrency language=java multichoice 726
Is Anagram? algorithms strings coding collections 1,034
Is Edit 1 off language=java coding strings iteration 800
Is Isomorphic? strings maps iteration 824
Isogram strings iteration sets coding 800
Java Integer language=java 738
Java Method Overloading language=java multichoice reflection 780
Java overriding method 777
KISS Principle definition multichoice acronym 401
Latency definitions networking 798
Linked List a Palindrome? linked-list lists data-structures 704
List Coefficients coding strings iteration arrays 796
Load Factor data-structures multichoice 891
Loop a Linked List linked-lists datastructure multichoice language=java 782
MB definition multichoice 959
Match Common Telephone Number regular-expressions language=java coding strings 1,249
Max Gain language=java coding iteration math 774
Max Word Frequency language=java coding 800
Max sum of sequence language=java coding 777
MySQL: What will this tell us? mysql sql rdbms 798
Number of Bits for a Positive Integer math bits coding 1,184
Only Unique Characters in a String algorithm strings coding language=java sets 906
Opposite of prime? math multichoice 678
Palindrome algorithm strings coding language=java 1,215
Parse the Secret message language=java coding easy strings 800
Parse values from equation language=java coding string math 800
Pasta Theory of Programming definition multichoice 403
People: Allan Alcorn multichoice people 798
Permute String language=java coding recursion strings 800
Power of 2 coding 1,209
Prime Numbers in Hash Functions algorithims datastructures multichoice 798
ROT13 cryptography algorithm coding language=java 1,213
Random Weighted: Red, White, Blue, and Purple coding language=java algorithm 981
Return the secret message language=java strings coding 797
Reverse Integer coding 873
Reverse a String coding language=java strings 843
Reverse the Words in a Sentence 1 strings algorithm coding 1,219
SDK definition tla multichoice 1,155
SPF email networking multichoice 389
SQL Join Type sql 798
SQL Join Types sql 798
SQL Join Types sql 798
SQL Join Types sql 798
Semantic Versioning definitions multichoice 796
Singly Linked List Even or Odd? linked-lists lists data-structures coding language=java iteration 693
Smoke Testing definition qa testing multichoice 311
Spell a Linked List linked-list data-structures lists language=java coding 719
Square language=python coding math 800
String Interning language=java strings multichoice 1,167
StringBuilder vs StringBuffer multichoice language=java 755
Strip Phone: Part 1 regular-expression coding language=java 451
Strip Phone: Part 2 regular-expression language=java coding 391
Sum an Integer sequence recursively coding language=java 786
TB definition acronym multichoice 372
TLD definition acronym networking multichoice 232
Tenets of OO object-oriented multichoice 743
Test String Length language=java String coding 392
Transient Variable language=java serialization multichoice 772
Troubleshoot: Regular Expression troubleshooting debugging regular-expressions language=java coding 853
Troubleshooting: Regular Expressions troubleshooting debugging regular-expressions language=java coding 884
Truthy javascript multichoice 767
UI definition acronym multichoice 1,102
URL Encoding 1 (Replace Spaces) strings coding language=java 776
What Base Does Math.log() Use in Java? math language=java multichoice 644
What is Two Factor Authentication security multichoice 1,090
What is a Fetch Execute Cycle definition acronym multichoice 1,231
What is nonce cryptography security multichoice 1,090
Will this compile? java yes/no multichoice language=java 759
Will this compile? language=java multichoice yes/no 768
Write Only Code definition anti-pattern multichoice 643
X raised to Y language=python math multichoice 798
XSS definition security multichoice web 554
Zero-day Vulnerability security 835
\1 regular-expressions multichoice 786
java.util.HashMap hashmap data-structures language=java multichoice 788
p ∈ A math sets 429
ℕ? math symbols n 454
ℝ? math symbols r 454
ℤ? math symbols z 454